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Dear Guests:
For  yacht charter in Cape Verde  
we can offer you a small selection of  sailing boats from 36-52'' foot and a selection of catamarans .

Whether you prefer to charter a sailing yacht on a bareboat, skippered or even fully crewed basis  we will aim to offer you the available yachts with great service and at very competitive rates.

Minimum crew requirements for bareboat charter:  
Sailing experience and official licence

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Catamarans in Cape Verde
Sailing Yachts in Cape Verde


Cape Verde
The paradise islands of Cape Verde boast miles of sandy beaches, a tropical climate and friendly locals. The islands consist of 25 islands, of which are 9 inhabited. The distance between the islands is relatively long (up to 140 nautical miles) so a good pair of sea legs is a must. Every island has an own character. The Western islands have high volcanic mountains are rocky coast lines. The Eastern islands are plane. The long sandy beaches you can find on the islands Sal, Maio and Boavista. The season is year round with ideal wind conditions as well as warm water and sun. Sailing around Cape Verde is quite demanding because the constant winds can reach NE 4 to 5, building up big waves between the islands.

About the Country:
Named after the “Green cape”, Dakar nowadays, the islands have been a white dot on the tourist map for a long time. The exposed situation, off the beaten tourist track, accounts for the particular charm of the Cape Verde islands which makes all the difference. The scenic diversity of the archipelago sets the stage for ideal sailing conditions all year round. The 15 islands fascinate by their contrasts: in the north-west you will find the dry islands with jagged mountains of Santo Antao, Sao Vicente and Sao Nicolau; in the east the desert-like islands of Sal, Boavista and Maio with their white beaches, and in the south the mountainous volcano islands with their deep valleys and breathtaking landscapes of Santiago, Fogo and Brava. In all their diversity these islands share one thing: the population is very friendly and straightforward.

The islands lie approx. 800 NM to the south of the Canaries and approx. 250 NM to the west of the coast of Senegal. The Cape Verdean islands are rated as a first class area of sailing and have so far retained their status as an area for adventurers. Relaxing cruises between the islands are just as possible as sportive sailing. In any case, the area offers:
- open Atlantic waters with a choice of pleasant short or demanding long distances between islands;
- good meteorological conditions in the prevailing north-eastern trade winds;
- barely touched sailing grounds with many quiet bays and seemingly endless sandy beaches on lonely islands;
- a friendly population in a geologically highly diverse group of islands encompassing anything from deserts to bizarre volcanic formations;
- Mindelo with its buzzing lifestyle of an African harbour town with a strong Portuguese influence.



Marina & starting point
The harbour of Mindelo on Sao Vicente is the ideal starting point. The prevailing NE trade winds make it immediately accessible from almost any island.

Bareboat Exp. Level

From 1 - easy to 5 - very experienced: 4. We could provide a skipper service for your first day's sail from our base to familiarise the crew with the boat.

International Airport on Sal, with island hopper to Sao Vicente with TACV (Cabo Verde Airlines).

Local Language
Portuguese (French and English).

Cap Verdean Escudo (1 Euro = approx. 100 Escudos). Credit cards rarely accepted.

For all tourists required. Apply at the Cape Verdean Embassy or consulate. If not represented in your country, apply at the Portuguese Embassy.

All year long temperatures average between 24°C and 29°C. During summer, a pleasant Atlantic sea breeze makes higher daytime temperatures quite agreeable. Even in winter the temperatures remain between 20°C and 26°C.

The Cape Verdean Islands are considered hurricane-free, even though water temperatures between July and September can rise to 27°C.

The position in the trade wind belt ensures that 85 % of the wind comes from a north-easterly direction between 12 to 25 knots. Due to the venturi effect, the winds between the islands can be very strong. The period between November and March offers the most wind. The summer months are relatively calm (average: 10 – 20 knots).




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