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Dear sailing friends!
Seize the unique opportunity to become an owner of a yacht with an option of return on your investment within the period of 5-7 years. Charter management enables you to cover the overhead expenses of the yacht costs (birth in marina, insurance, maintenance etc.) out of the income of chartering.

Whereas many companies offer rent a yacht management programme, only we have a unique way of doing it. The simple reason is that we decide where to place your desired/chosen yacht depending on the charter performance of the same yacht in the previous years.  Some yachts are chartered better in certain countries/places/marinas whereas the others are not. For example, one particular charter agency managed to charter a Bavaria 40 in the last 5 years on average no more than 12 weeks.  The same agency chartered a smaller Bavaria 34 on average 24 weeks. From this it is clear that depending on the size and class of  your yacht we will certainly find the best marina or partner for you. Be it in certain country, area, region, marina etc.  Try us out, you won' regret it....... and soon you could benefit from the safety of 15 guaranteed weeks of charter in any season with an average of around 20-22 weeks achieved on most of the yachts.

Within the range of our activities we are offering a financing concept for the purchase of a sail boat as an ideal investment. This concept enables you to have a completely self-financing yacht. In this case, your long term financial investment yields good revenues, and if you are at the same time a sails-man, offers you a pleasure of enjoying cruises in your own yacht.  This all without a usual and extensive paperwork cram.  The minimum deposit is 38% with no requirements for proof of income, once deposit has been paid.

You can purchase yacht by your own financial means or you can finance it on leasing or credit.  Minimum personal investment on leasing is 30 % while a recommended share of your own investment is 50 %, In the latter case, you will receive a larger share of the income after all of the expenses have been covered, leasing rate or credit.

And furthermore you can base your yacht in Marina of your choice, sail a few weeks every year, while charter it through us in the remaining season and get rid of most of operational costs, dockage, maintenance, repairs and more.

Yachts availability
A wide range of yachts is available and a skilled professional partner bank can manage your investment leaving you with only one remaining concern, namely to plan and schedule your valuable holidays every year according to your needs and preferences. And for your safety, you should know that the complete banking system in Croatia is in the hands of either German, Italian or British leading bank houses, eg. Deutsche Bank, Banca di Roma etc.

How to proceed?
Please contact us for exact terms and conditions and rest assured that we will do our best to enable you to combine good investment and personal pleasure and prestige. Please note that all formalities in regard to this offer will be dealt with in Croatia and not here in the UK.  If in doubt or need of a professional advice, do ask your lawyer for assistance.  We can also arrange an appointment for you with an English speaking lawyer in Croatia if needed.

In short, our Programme ensures that your yacht is insured, well-maintained and all annual expenses (such as haul-out and deep maintenance programmes) are covered. You can expect a very good income based on  a guaranteed 15 weeks of charter and an average of 18-25 weeks of charter placement per annum, keeping four weeks per annum for owner usage.  We are also happy to customize Yacht Ownership Programmes to suit your individual requirements.

If you  would like to purchase a new or nearly new vessel from which you would like to see a return on your investment, please let us have the details for us to assess its potential in our charter fleet.

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Own a Yacht yet?

Croatia- one of the most affordable places for both owning or chartering Yacht!.

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