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60-138'' Worldwide Luxury Charter Bespoke Holidays Fully Crewed

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For the ultimate sailing experience these are the yachts of your choice.


Grand Douce Kalikobass II Wally 106 Grand Bleu 95V SPIP 77
from 85,000 US$ from 46,000 Euro On request 43-45,000 Euros from 20,000 Euros
Four Devils 77 XTC 76 Wally 80 Lagoon 67 Disco Inferno 60
from 23,000 Euros from 19,000 Euros On request from 25,000 Euros from 14,000 Euros
  Fully crewed luxury charter on the amazing, custom built super performance yachts.  
   Please contact us for more information  !!  

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