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Frankfurt Hahn


Rome Ciampino 


special request we can also organise flights on a 6 seater PIPER and 8 seater Kinger airplanes from any European airport to the destination of your choice in the Mediterranean and back.

For booking direct flights from your destination of origin we recommend using the SkyScanner web site

  If your destination of origin is outside of the mainland Europe we recommend using the SkyScanner Worldwide web site  

From there you can choose which airline to use to book your flights.  TOP PRICES ON European flights, especially  to Croatia available on

  We are also recommending that you use British Airways for your travel to CROATIA.  During the summer season it may be more expensive,  but it is an alternative.  Off season return flights to Croatia with British Airways start already from 49 excluding taxes.  Current flights only to Zagreb, the capital and Split.   
  Charter Flights are also widely available and for assistance in booking one of these you can always approach us.  Once in Croatia, you can fly with Croatia Airlines to your particular destination within the country  The prices are very competitive with flights from Zagreb to Zadar starting already from less then 10.  An alternative exists if traveling with budget airlines to Germany and from there to take a direct Croatia Airlines flight to Zadar or Split where we will wait to transfer you to the charter base on your request.  
Here you can find most of the details about Croatia Airlines Flights.  For full schedule and information you should visit their web site...

Fly at the most favorable prices in Croatia!

Once in Croatia you will find domestic flights prices are similar to those of European no frills airlines.

Inland prices of flights are much cheaper.  If you need to travel to a particular destination within Croatia we would recommend that you travel first to Zagreb.  From there you have numerous flights at the extremely low prices to any corners of Adriatic coast or anywhere else in Croatia.  Domestic flights in Croatia STARTING FROM 80 Kunas.



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