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AIR: The main domestic airports are located in Zagreb Pleso, 25km from Zagreb (travel time - 40 minutes by bus - hourly schedule), completely renovated airport at Zadar (ZAD) 8 km from the city - travel time 25min, at Rijeka (RJK), 27km from the Island of Krk (travel time – 35 minutes by bus) and at Split (SPU), 25km from Split (travel time – 30 minutes by bus). Split also receives international flights. There are others at Pula (PUY), 10km from Pula (travel time – 15 minutes by bus) and Dubrovnik (DBV), 22km from Dubrovnik (travel time – 30 minutes by bus).

SEA: There are regular connections between the main ports and the offshore islands. Rijeka, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik are linked by passenger and car ferries.

RAIL: The network connects all major cities except Dubrovnik. It is often quicker to travel by bus, however.

ROAD: In 1996, there were 27,247km of roads in Croatia, including 318km of motorways. A ten-year road-building programme was announced in that year. Unexploded ordinance may remain in Eastern Slavonia and the former Krajina; motorists should avoid these areas. A toll is payable on motorways. Unleaded petrol is available. Regulations: Traffic drives on the right. Speed limits are 130kph (81mph) on motorways, 100kph (62mph) on dual carriageways, 50kph (31mph) in built-up areas and 80kph (50mph) outside built-up areas. Heavy fines are imposed for speeding. Documentation: National or International Driving Permit. All motorists should also carry a valid passport as proof of identity at all times. A Green Card should be carried by visitors (except EU nationals) taking their own car into Croatia. Without it, insurance cover is limited to the minimum legal cover; the Green Card augments this to the level of cover provided by the car owner’s domestic policy. National registration in country of origin is required for all foreign vehicles. Bus: There are regular services to destinations all over Croatia. Timetable information is available from Zagreb Central Bus Station (see links from tourist board website:

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