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Sunseeker Yachts

  Sunseeker Superhawk 48 15.00m France 3 1  
Pershing 62 Yacht Charter Pershing 62 19.00m St Tropez 6 1 4,500 Euros per day
High Season
Sunseeker Manhattan 64          
Yacht Charter - Princess 65 Princess 65 20.20m Palma de Mallorca
Mallorca, Spain
6 2 from 20,000 Euros per week
Yacht Charter - Princess V65 Princess V65 20.27m Beaulieu sur Mer
French Riviera
6 2 3,800 Euros per day
Azimut 68 Yacht Charter Azimut 68 Plus 21.60m La Napoule / Cannes 8 2 from 3,500 Euros per
Azimut 68S Yacht Charter Azimut 68 S 21.60m Cannes
6 2 28,700 Euros per week
Sunseeker Manhattan 66 Yacht Charter Sunseeker Manhattan 66 - NEW 22.10m Antibes
French Riviera
6 2 from 4,000 Euros per
Sunseeker Predator Yacht Charter Croatia Sunseeker Predator 72 22.86m Croatia 4 2 33,000 Euros per week
San Lorenzo 72 22.86m Croatia      
Mangusta 72 22.86m Croatia      
Yacht Charter - Pershing 73 Pershing 75 23.00m St Tropez
6 2 4,400 Euros per day
Sunseeker Manhattan 74          
Leopard 23 Yacht Charter Leopard 23m Sport 23.00m Cannes
6/7 2 30,600 Euros per week
Princess 23m Yacht Charter Princess 23m
To be delivered April 2006
23.00m Antibes 8 2 from 32,000 Euros per week
Azimut 75 Yacht Charter Azimut 75 23.00m Greece
10 4 from 28,000 Euros per week
Ferretti 76 Yacht Charter Ferretti 760 23.45m French Riviera & Croatia 8 3 from 32,500 Euros per week
White Star Yacht Charter White Star of London 23.50m Palma de Mallorca
Mallorca, Spain
8 3 from 3,500 Euros per day 
Sunseeker Manhattan 80 Yacht Charter Sunseeker Manhattan 80
23.98m Croatia 8 3 from 28,600 Euros per week
Maiora 24 24.00m Croatia 8 3  
Leopard 24m Yacht Charter Leopard 24m 24.00m Cannes 6 2 6,500 Euros per day
High Season
Falcon 80 Yacht Charter Falcon 80 24.02m Cannes 8 3 29,500 Euros per week
Azimut 80 Yacht Charter Azimut 80 24.02m Antibes
French Riviera
8 3 from 32,500 Euros per week
Malarprinsessan Yacht Charter Sunseeker 80'' Antibes
French Riviera
8 2 33,000 Euros per week
Mangusta 80 Yacht Charter MANGUSTA 80 25.00m Antibes
French Riviera
6/7 3 6,500 Euros per day
Sunseeker Predator 82   Croatia and West Med      
Sunseeker Yacht 82 -   Croatia      
Royal Denship 82 Yacht Charter ROYAL DENSHIP 82 25.00m West Mediterranean 6 3 6,900 Euros per day
High Season
Sedation Yacht Charter SUNSEEKER Yacht 80 25.60m West & East Mediterranean
8 3 from 37,100 Euros per week
Princess Emma Yacht Charter PRINCESS 25M 25.90m Antibes
French Riviera
8 4 from 35,000 Euros per week
Falcon 86 Yacht Charter FALCON 86 26.00m Cannes
8 4 from 30,800 Euros per week
Maiora 26 Yacht Charter Maiora 26 26.00m Greece 8/10 4 from 36,000 Euros per week
Sunseeker Manhattan 84 Yacht Charter Sunseeker Manhattan 84
26.56m Croatia 8 3 from 31,900 Euros per week
Leopard 27m Yacht Charter Leopard 27
27.04m St Tropez
6 3 48,000 Euros per week
High Season
Sunseeker Predator 95 Yacht Charter Sunseeker Predator 95 28.77m Croatia 8 3 67,000 Euros per week
Mangusta 92 Yacht Charter MANGUSTA 92
28.80m Mediterranean 8/9 4 from 56,000 Euros per week
Sunseeker 94 Yacht Charter SUNSEEKER 94 YACHT 29.14m Mediterranean (S)
Caribbean (W)
6/7 4 from 45,000 Eur per week
Mangusta 100 Yacht Charter MANGUSTA  100 29.54m Antibes
French Riviera
8 4 from 50,000 Euros per week

Chartering a Mega yacht and cruising on the Mediterranean coast is a wonderful treat. In our motor yachts charter fleet you can choose from the following:
1. Exclusive power mega yacht -
2. Motor boat with crew -
3. Skippered motorboat -
4. Motor bareboat -
5. Sport motorboats
Yachts from these manufacturers are available across Mediterranean: Maiora,  Ferretti,  Azimut, Fairline Squadron, Fairline Phantom, Princess, Pershing, Sunseeker

DAY CHARTER: Why not charter a super performance SUPERHAWK 48 for a day or two while relaxing or entertaining your guests on one of the MEGA YACHTS ?

For more info on individual yacht or charter conditions in various destination please email us with your particular requests.
NB. The number of guests shown is the number of guests that can sleep onboard the yacht during the charter. Unless stated otherwise, the above yachts can carry up to 12 guests for a day charter. The number of guests permitted onboard during a static charter in Cannes or other ports varies from yacht to yacht.

- Unless otherwise stated, all of the above yachts charter under Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association - Western Mediterranean Terms.

The Charter Fee includes the charter of the yacht with all its equipment in working order, tools, stores, cleaning materials, basic consumable stores for engine-room, deck and cabins etc.; the crew's wages, food; the insurance of the yacht for marine risk and third party claims and the crew for employer's liability.
The Charterer will be charged extra, at cost, for all other expenses. These will include fuel for the yacht, RIB or other tenders; food, wines, beers, spirits and soft drinks for the Charterer, other consumable stores, berthing dues and other harbour charges away from the yacht's own berth, including pilotage fees and charges for water and electricity taken from the shore, laundry, telephone, fax or telex via radio or Inmarsat, as well as the hire costs of any special equipment placed on board at the request of the Charterer.

This is only a small selection of the yachts we have available for charter. We have access to hundreds of luxury sailing and motor yachts of all sizes for charter in the Caribbean, on the French Riviera, Greece, Croatia, USA, the Bahamas. Please email your charter request to us at and we will send you a selection of suitable charter yachts at the most competitive rates.  If necessary, we will also arrange berths in preferred locations, such as Grand Prix in Monaco or special events in St Tropez etc..


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