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2-4 guest cabins Various Locations Bareboat Skippered Fully Crewed  
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Sunseeker Yacht 82

 Manhattan Range:
 Sunseeker Manhattan 74
Sunseeker Manhattan 64

 Sunseeker Manhattan 50

 Predator Range:
Sunseeker Predator 95

Sunseeker Predator 82
Sunseeker Predator 72
Sunseeker Predator 61
Sunseeker Predator 58

 Portofino Range:
Sunseeker Portofino 53 Sunseeker Portofino 46

 Other yachts:
San Lorenzo 72
Mangusta 72
Ferretti 760

Customer Feedback

Princess 69
Azimut 68
Princess 57 Fly
Elegance 62
Brooke Yacht 118
Jaguar 115





Superhawk 48   1 double cabin 1 toilet 2001
Portofino 46   2 double cabin 2 toilets 2004
Portofino 53   3 double cabins 2 toilets 2004
Manhattan  50   3 double cabins 2 toilets 2005
Manhattan 56   3 double cabins 2 toilets 2004
Manhattan 64   3 double cabins + crew 2 toilets 2001
Manhattan  64   3 double cabins, +crew 4 toilets 2004
Manhattan  74   4 double cabins + crew 4 toilets 2001/2
Predator 58   3 double cabins 2 toilets 2004
Predator  60   3 double cabins 2 toilets 2001
Predator  61   2 double cabins 2 toilets 2004
Predator 72   4 Double cabins 4 toilets 2006
Predator 82   4 Double cabins, crew cabin 5 toilets 2006
Predator 95   4 double cabins, crew cabin 4 toilets 2003
Yacht 82   4 double cabins, crew cabin 4 toilets 2003

Day and weekend charters available on all yachts

Sunseeker Ultimate Performance Yachts include 135, 120, 105, 94, 82 and 75 and Predator Yachts of 100/95 and 108.
The ultimate in refinement, each Sunseeker Yacht is customised for its owner, and yet also benefits from long production experience in proving the effectiveness of every element of its construction. Besides being the largest yacht in the Sunseeker range, the Sunseeker Yacht retains the distinctive style and planning hull shape that guarantees true Sunseeker performance.

Performance Motor yachts (Sunseeker's 75, 68, 61, 56 and 55)
For many, the luxury of performance motor yachts provides the perfect combination of features for those seeking familiar Sunseeker style and performance,
as well as luxurious comforts. Extensive open-deck space is matched by spacious and imaginative interior layouts. And the use of modern construction
techniques, with advanced power and drive systems, means that you can also enjoy high speed, ease of handling and a wide cruising range.

Offshore cruisers include: Portofino 53, 46 and 35.

Flybridge Motor Yachts (Sunseeker's Manhattan Range 74, 64, 58, 56 and 50)
The exceptional elegance of the Yachts range was inspired through innovations in Sunseeker’s Flybridge Motor yacht range. Combining all-weather comforts,
dual helm options, performance, manageability and spacious accommodation, these craft are synonymous with absolute quality. Sophisticated design and
construction, coupled with advanced materials and an intelligent use of space have resulted in a range that typifies the symbiosis between ultimate
performance and pure

High Performance range of Sunseeker yachts includes (SuperHawk 48, 40, 34 and XS range of Sport and 2000 models)
The head-turning High Performance range epitomizes the race-bred philosophy that underpins every Sunseeker. Refined hull designs produce
accelerated planning characteristics, while high technology materials allow a lightweight and immensely strong construction. Together with new
engine technology, and attractive interiors that show an intelligent use of space, these craft will take you where you want to go, at speed and in comfort.



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